About us

Altstadt Apotheke - Wolfgang Niklas

Inh. Daniel Sauer

We are a small, proprietor-managed pharmacy in the heart of Nuremberg’s historic downtown district and we support our customers on all kinds of issues concerned with healing. From nutritional advice to homeopathy, Schuessler salts, to medical skin care, or aromatherapy, we offer a wide range of services and products – some even produced in-house. We are particularly keen to provide holistic pharmaceutical advice. As a naturopathic pharmacy, we can show you alternative or supporting naturopathic methods.

This provides us with both motivation and a thrilling challenge to stay up to date, and to listen to and satisfy customer wishes as best we can in our work. In our own laboratory, we therefore produce a range of medications ourselves, either individually for the patient based on a formula or because no comparable effective ready-made medication is available.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you as one of our customers.

A small glimpse behind the scenes:

  • 1982      Altstadt Apotheke founded by the pharmacist Jochen Schreier
  • 1989      Awarded the pharmacy prize 1989
  • 1990      Taken over by pharmacist Wolfgang Niklas
  • 1993      Laboratory extended to produce parenteral medications
  • 1999      Expansion of the pharmacy premises into the adjacent building
  • 2007      Extension of the offering for homeopathy and naturopathic remedies;
    20 0720Introduction of the additional name “Naturopathic pharmacy”
  • 2013      Expansion and extension of the clean room laboratory
  • 2014      Development and production of biological formulas, such as AdipoCur
  • 2015      Expansion of the biological product portfolio, e.g. with Bravo Probiotic
  • 2020      Taken over by pharmacist Daniel Sauer (today’s proprietor)
Altstadt Apotheke Nürnberg