Homeopathy, founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a physician from Erlangen, has now been a permanent part of naturopathy for more than 200 years. It is considered a gentle therapy that works more by information than by the substance as such.

Altstadt Apotheke - HomöopathieThis can be likened to a building plan (=information), which is used in addition to the building material (=substance), when building a house, for example. Building certainly works better with a plan. One classic example is iron deficiency: In this case, it is often not enough to add just the substance, that is, the iron. In many cases, the information telling the organism how to handle iron is missing. The iron is then not put to use but excreted again.

In this case, the homeopathic information of the medication gives the organism the specific impulse to correct a disturbed regulation process. The healing information is acted upon accordingly and the body can overcome diseases by its own strength again.

We can provide a number of sets with complex homeopathic remedies for everyday disorders, such as:Altstadt Apotheke - Homöopathie

  • Homeopathic children’s medicine cabinet
  • Homeopathic home medicine cabinet
  • Proven complex remedies from Heel and Wala
  • Single homeopathic remedies from DHU

Our staff trained in naturopathy will be glad to advise you on questions relating to homeopathy.


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