Nature’s Design

Water in its natural form stands for pure energy, for harmony and perfection. But we seldom encounter natural water – as it comes out of the springs of pure and powerful water courses – in our everyday lives, and we rarely come into contact with it. The unique designs of the carafes, glasses, fountains, and plates from Nature’s Design enable vitalization of water and make for harmonious surroundings.

Nature’s Design – Glas + KeramikFor example, after approx. 3 min. in the carafes, tap water (or any other biologically weakened water) has an improved taste and is biologically improved. The crystal stability of the improved water is a lasting property and remains for around 1 week without any external influence.

The effect of the containers lasts for ever as long as the shape is undamaged. It is achieved by the geometric principles and symbols applied to the design.

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