Aromatherapy is considered an alternative therapeutic method and refers to the use of essential oils to mitigate diseases or to increase the feeling of wellbeing. It has been practiced since antiquity and has its effect in the organism through olfactory stimulation (via the olfactory nerve). A bath scent or inhalation for a cold is already a type of aromatherapy.

AromatherapieWe stock essential oils and oil blends from Taoasis in our range and also mix our own formulas:

  • The “Baby Set” with proven aroma blends from the book “Die Hebammensprechstunde” by Ingeborg Stadelmann
  • “Cool School” –  oil blends to boost concentration and motivation for children and adults from Taoasis
  • “Sleep well” – the proven formula for relaxation and recuperative sleep from Taoasis

All oil blends can be used for aromatizing a room or, when diluted, as massage oils.

We will willingly show you a selection of different aroma lamps in our pharmacy.



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