Herbal medicine, also known as herbalism, has been an important component of holistic therapies since time immemorial. Some medicinal plants are so well established in our culture that almost everyone is aware of their effect, e.g. chamomile, valerian, hypericum, or arnica.

The active substances of these plants are mainly concentrated in the essential oils, which are released as aromas when you rub, for example, the petals, leaves, or seeds. Rubbing releases the essential oils which can then take effect. The most common applications in herbalism are teas, tinctures, and extracts. Because the active substances are largely essences, that is, soluble in alcohol, they are most effective as tinctures. In this form, the quality of the active substances is retained longest.

We recommend the tinctures made by CERES (Switzerland), which cultivates its own medicinal plants and harvests and processes them by hand. Here, all parts of the plant, that is, the herb including its roots, are used in making the product. This means that lower doses can be applied and a more effective result can be achieved with just 3 to 5 drops.

PhytotherapieWe can provide a number of individual tinctures for everyday disorders, such as:

  • dandelion to activate the function of the liver – Ceres Taraxacum
  • solidago to strengthen the function of the bladder and kidneys – Ceres Solidago
  • echinacea to activate the immune system – Ceres Echinacea

Our staff trained in naturopathy will be glad to advise you on questions relating to herbalism.

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